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21 Day Cleanse & Detox

Why Yoga?


Yoga has many benefits, physical, mental and emotional. It strengthens the body, creates flexibility, tones muscles and aligns our posture. However beyond the physical benefits ‘something happens’ when we practice Yoga regularly, which is difficult to describe. Through repeating the physical postures we come into alignment within ourselves, it’s a deep level of connection, beyond our flesh, it’s the alignment of who we really are and not who we think we are. It aligns our energetic body, which creates peace and calm which continues even when we step off the mat.   To know Yoga is to do it. It has to be felt. All the descriptions in the world cannot do it justice to the feeling of being able to move and to stretch, to come out of our heads and into our bodies, and to connect inwards. Everything we do in life is for the sole purpose that we will feel better in the doing or the having of it. We are always looking outwards for some kind of gratification, when really all we need to do is go inwards. Yoga is the answer!

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Yoga is 5000 years old
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Hours Of Yoga Per Year

Summer Timetable

Monsoon Deck By The Sea: Streamed Live On Zoom

Early Bird Yoga – Monday to Saturday 7:00-8:00 BST, 8:00-9:00 CEST

Regular Class – Monday to Sunday  8:30-9:45 BST,9:30-10:45h CEST

Slow Stretch – Monday & Wednesday 17:00-18:00 BST, 18:00-19:00 CEST 

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Early Bird Yoga
Regular Class
Slow Stretch

Videos of Classes

20 Minute Back Strengthening

Back Strengthening Sequence

Video to show the correct stretches to use when strengthening the back

Yoga By The Beach

Yoga In front of the Sea in La Siesta Beach Bar

Javea, Costa Blanca, Spain. Morning classes looking out at the mediterranean, sheer bliss!

Yoga Retreat

Detox Yoga

Detoxing physically and emotionally. One of my many retreats held over the years. This one took place in a beautiful villa in Javea, Spain.

“I am lucky enough to have had the opportunity to attend three sessions with Francesca.The effects were amazing and entirely unexpected. Thank you for everything Francesca.”

Chris – Cardiff

“I am lucky enough to have had the opportunity to attend three sessions with Francesca.The effects were amazing and entirely unexpected.”

Chris – Cardiff

Yoga Retreats

Come and enjoy a relaxing stay to rejuvenate, energise and focus on yourself either on the Costa Blanca, in Spain, In the beautiful English countryside in Derbyshire, or have me come and do a bespoke retreat in your home! In Spain, stay in the beautiful private retreat set in the quiet countryside on the outskirts of the traditional Spanish village of Jesus Pobre, Costa Blanca. (Fly into Alicante). In the UK stay in the beautiful farmhouse in the Derbyshire hills, (fly into East Midlands, or train to Chesterfield). In Spain, allow yourself to be nurtured and pampered in the sunshine, doing Yoga on the beautiful deck, Meditate with the sounds of the birds in the background and swim in the private pool. In Derbyshire, retreats are held in the winter, so we keep warm by the log fire, and enjoy the green green dales of Derbyshire.  We eat delicious, locally sourced vegetarian food, and we offer the unique therapies of The Rosen Method , with Francesca Stutely and The Bowen Technique, with Ann Leese, both powerful bodywork sessions that connect the emotions with the body. Francesca and Ann both have more than 20 years of experience in their chosen therapies, which offer support of emotionally freeing yourself of any nagging blocks or negative emotions which hold you back in your life. Our retreats are a detox both inside and out. You will come away feeling energised, stronger, and with a different mindset.

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Looking For 1 on 1?

Are you looking for bespoke 1-2-1 individual health coaching in your home tailored to your personal challenges and issues? Francesca offers a life-changing opportunity that will have you healthier, slimmer, more flexible and calm in a very short space of time. Please click the button below to find out more

Exclusive Home Retreats

The Rosen Method Bodywork

The Rosen Method Bodywork, performed on a massage table, connects muscle tension with our emotions. We often unconsciously “hold onto” our feelings through our bodies. Through sensitive touch, the body drops down into a deep level of relaxation, and a connection between the body and feelings is reached. With this awareness comes release of pent up emotion, and then relief from letting go, and a new sense of peace in the mind, and the body.

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