Best Yoga Postures for Runners

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Uttanasana– When we run the muscles that shorten the quickest are the ham strings, so it’s important to stretch them out properly regularly, preferably before and after your run. At first it may be a challenge, however in time, you will crave this stretch!

Stand with your feet hip width apart, bend your knees, lift your arms above your head, grab your opposite elbow and then hang down. GENTLY straighten your legs. Breathe deeply, wrap your thigh muscles around your thigh bones, and lift the knees. If you can grab your ankles…Deep long slow breaths, allowing the stretch down the back of the legs. Build it up to 2 minutes if you can, To see this in motion go to my Utube channel, 20 minute morning routine.

Runner’s Lunge

Taking just a few minutes before and after your runs is a worthwhile investment in your muscles, joints and ligaments. You don’t need a special mat, you can do it outdoors, anywhere, before or after your run, or both if you can!

Step one foot forward, have your knee over your ankle, slide your other knee back and sink down into your lunge. Take a few breaths here, for a deeper stretch come down onto your elbows. You can then lift your back knee off the floor and take a few more breaths. Change legs.

The Value of Yoga for your Running

A regular Yoga practice is invaluable for runners, even a couple of sessions a week will set you in good stead for maintaining your flexibility.If you can doing the above postures before and after you run, your performance will benefit and it will help avoid injuries.

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