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My Top daily ‘Must Have’ superfoods

Do you want to stay healthy and avoid colds and flu this winter? Include these superfoods every day and ward off bugs and viruses!

  • Spirulina- Seaweed from fresh and salt water, packed with nutrients and
  • Celery Juice-Have a large glass first thing in the morning, to cleanse and detoxify
  • Chia seeds- Easy protein. soak the seeds in water first for proper absorption.
  • Flax seeds-Make sure you grind the seeds, freshly in a coffee maker if possible to ensure their freshness.
  • Turmeric- Fresh or ground. Fresh looks like a smaller version of ginger, but with an orange/yellow tinge. Peel it as you would ginger and add to your cooking.
  • Moringa Powder-derived from an African plant, moringa is a green powder. packed with vitamin C. As vitamin C cannot be stored in the body, adequate amounts must be taken daily.
  • Cocoa nibs- raw and unsweetened, these small, nutty nibs are packed with magnesium, sprinkle on your solid smoothie.
  • Goji Berries-introduced to the West, from S America, these red berries can be an acquired taste, some people find them bitter, however they are full of vitamin C, and do have a degree of sweetness. Sprinkle on your porridge, or have as a snack.
  • Blueberries- preferably fresh, if not frozen. Add them to smoothie or whizz them up with frozen bananas for a sweet ‘sorbet’.

Now What Not to Eat

Ditch anything white, that is white sugar, white flour, white pasta, white rice. It’s bleached, it doesn’t fill you up, and has little nutritional value! Gradually switch to brown rice, wholemeal pasta, wholemeal flour for cakes, biscuits, pizza and bread. Some people are allergic to wheat, and some to gluten, and some people don’t know they are allergic to anything but wonder why they feel bloated and uncomfortable.

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